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Each of our services is the highest quality, satisfaction-guaranteed, no-excuses surveying solutions.

CCS Inc. provides surveying for the private sector as well as for state, local, and federal agencies. We have service scalability capable of providing exceptional services to a wide breadth of clientele. Whether you are an individual property owner, or represent large construction companies, engineering, or consulting firms, CCS has a solution that's right for you.

We use only state-of-the-art computer and digital technologies, as well as industry-standard global positioning systems and the latest in high-tech communications technology to provide our clients with the optimal results they expect from CCS, Inc. With a proven track record, years in the industry, and a qualifed, dedicated team poised to provide exceptional results, we are confident that no job is beyond our scope. 


Construction Staking

  • Horiz & vert control
  • Build grid control layout
  • utilities
  • site concrete
  • earthwork grading
  • striping
  • pavements

Elevation Certificates

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Wells
  • Elevation Studies

Topography Surveying

  • as-built surveys
  • digital scanning
  • aerial mapping
  • alta  surveys
  • gis mapping

Property Surveys

  • boundary lines
  • right-of-ways
  • parcel maps
  • lot line adjustments
  • deed descriptions
  • record of surveys

DTM Modeling

  • earthwork quant vol calcs
  • digital terrain models
  • gps grading systems
  • contour mapping
  • 3d graphic mapping

Mobile Lidar